Baccarat Singapore: Baccarat Rules And Strategies

Baccarat Singapore Table

Baccarat is a table card game where gamers play against other players or the house (dealer). It is one of the earliest casino games played today, dating its history over three thousand years back.

It is arguably more popular in Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Macau. Research suggests that Baccarat occupies nearly 80% of Macau and Singapore casino halls. It is also the most played game in almost all online casino Singapore platforms.

Notably, Baccarat is entirely a game of chance, meaning that the game’s outcomes depend purely on the punters’ luck.

The bettor predicts the winning hand – the player or Banker’s hand. Some baccarat types, however, offer tie bets. The winning hand is typically the hand that is dealt cards with a total face value closest to nine. Notably, there is no significant difference between inland baccarat gaming and online gambling.

The only notable difference is croupiers deal the cards in onsite casinos. In online casinos, on the other hand, results are generated by random number generator programs.

This article will explore various aspects of Baccarat, focusing on online Baccarat Singapore gaming. Let’s dive in.

Types of Baccarat

Notably, the various baccarat variants found in most Singapore brick-and-motor casinos are also available in online baccarat casinos. Essentially, online baccarat gameplay is almost the same as in onsite casinos, including the provision of side bets.

The only notable difference is that online baccarat games have higher payouts. Otherwise, the small yet significant variations in rules and format are also available in different online baccarat games.

Here are the most common online baccarat game types in Singapore online casinos.

Punto Banco

Also known as player-banker, this baccarat version is the most common type in Singapore igaming. It is the standard version of Baccarat. The rules of the game are usually the same in all casinos.

Typically, punto bunco utilizes six to eight decks. The casino deals the cards automatically in virtual gaming, unlike in online live casinos where the croupiers handle the cards.

Here, the gamers have three betting options. They can bet on the Banker hand, Player hand, or tie. Tie bets have higher payouts, usually eight times the players’ wager. Notably, each bet in Baccarat has a varied house edge.

Chemin De Fer

Chemin de fer – the James Bond favorite casino game – is the other popular baccarat version in Singapore live casinos. Typically, the game uses six decks.

Here, players control the entire gameplay. Punters play against other players, unlike in punto banco, where bettors play against the house (dealer). Typically, one player assumes the banker position in each round.

Essentially, the Banker decides the betting amount and draws the cards. Unlike in regular baccarat variants, the player can draw or stand if his first pair value equals five.

En Banque

En Banque closely matches Chemin Ge Fer. However, there are several slight differences between the two. First, the Banker does not deal cards – the croupier does. Additionally, this baccarat type uses three decks.

The players also play against other gamers. Typically, the player who puts up the highest wager assumes the banker position. And, unlike in chemin de fer, the Banker retains the banco position for as long as he wins.

Three-Card Baccarat

As the name suggests, each hand gets three cards, unlike in standard Baccarat, where initially, each hand gets two cards. Typically, the croupier deals three cards to the Player and Banker, respectively, after the punter(s) have placed their bets.

The face value of the dealt cards is then determined to find the winning hand. The version also allows three betting options, including tie bets, though the tie is extremely rare in three-card Baccarat.

Unlike the regular Baccarat, the number of picture cards is relevant and most valued when determining the winning hand in the Three-Card Baccarat. Also, it is worth noting that baccarat rules vary in different gambling sites.

Some casinos follow the standard baccarat rules in counting the face value. Others, on the other hand, consider the