Toto Tips and Tricks – How to Win Toto Easily With Just 9 Easy Tips

Toto Tips and Tricks - Online casino Singapore

Legal ToTo games are among the most entertaining gambling options for lottery players in Singapore. Many people love them because of the minimum guaranteed pool amount of $1,000,000. The biggest challenge is that the odds of winning ToTo are 1 in 13,983,816, with the latter number representing the possible combinations. 

You have to pick 6 numbers out of 49 to participate, and there’s only one correct combination. This is certainly a long shot, but it’s worth trying if you wish to win a life-changing amount of cash. Any intending participant can place a minimum bet amount of $1 after a simple account opening process. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play because we have prepared some helpful ToTo tips and tricks to help you win easily. Note that our recommendations do not guarantee a jackpot prize. But you can use them at any online casino Singapore website to improve your chances of winning. Keep reading to discover your ToTo strategy.

Useful Tips and Tricks for Winning Toto

Your chances of winning a ToTo game will largely depend on the selected numbers and your selection criteria. Luckily, there are many ways of picking numbers confidently to increase your odds on how to win 4D easily. Try any of the following lottery strategies to select or calculate your prediction. 

Toto Prize groups structure - Toto Tips and Tricks - Online casino

Balance the Odd and Even Numbers

ToTo is similar to other gambling games that allow you to bet on odd and even numbers. A good example is the game of roulette available at live casino Singapore sites. To start playing ToTo, you need to buy 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49 and hope to select the winning numbers.

So, you might be wondering how to win Singapore ToTo when there are many numbers to choose from. Well, you should opt in for both odd and even number selections. Mixed combinations tend to appear in at least 80% of all the draws.

Blend High Numbers and Low Numbers

Participants normally pick six numbers in the ordinary game of ToTo. But selecting from ToTo numbers spread across 1 to 49 requires players to consider both low-end and high-end options to stand a better chance of hitting the top prize. That’s because winning numbers rarely come from one end of the number list. 

There is a 1% chance that only even or old numbers will be selected in each ToTo draw. So, you’ll certainly increase your winning chances because most of the draws feature both odd and even number selections.

Use the Number Group Strategy

Toto lottery ticket use number group strategy - Toto Tips and Tricks - Online casinoYour chances of winning increase when you focus on a group of numbers. And this is another proven ToTo strategy some real winners capitalise on. Many players have used such methods to increase the probability of winning even when playing other online casino games. According to Singapore Toto game rules, allocations are made to seven (7) groups of prizes based on the number of winning numbers matched. All you have to do is select all 6 winning numbers from one group.

Use the Repeat Hit Lottery Numbers

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